Terrence Abrahams

Terrence Abrahams (he/him) is a poet, editor and Ryerson University grad student studying contemporary literature with a focus on LGBTQ+ poetry. He graduated from the University of Toronto in 2017, where he was the editor-in-chief for the Hart House Review (2015-16). He has also worked with Paperhouse Studio’s outreach programs, ZIPE and XYZines; these programs offer artistic support, encouragement, and inspiration to LGBTQ+, disabled and POC youth and work in partnership with organizations such as the Koffler Centre, Toronto Art Book Fair, and the Toronto Public Library. He’s also about to become one of your biggest fans.

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Cleopatria Peterson

Cleopatria Peterson (they/them) was probably a tree in their past life. They are an illustrator, comic artist, and zine creator. Currently they are studying publications at OCADU and is a graduate of Ryerson University's Fashion Communication program (2010-2014).  Their work has been published in the Toronto Comics Anthology, Shameless Mag, Broken Pencil and Acta Victoriana. They love you already and can't wait to grow together.

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Yasmin Emery


Yasmin Emery (she/her) is a writer, designer, copy-editor, and chronic multitasker. Currently studying Publications at OCADU, she has participated in the Queen West Art Crawl, CanZine, and in/future. Her work is forthcoming in Acta Victoriana, and an exhibition she is co-curating will be up in April 2019. She loves the Oxford comma, her friends, run-on sentences, and supporting other queer BIPOC with all her heart.

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