Throughout history, the queer body has been deemed unnatural. Subject to scientific skepticism, gender essentialism, and other harmful ideologies, the othered body of the queer individual has been removed from histories of both the natural world and, of course, the man-made one.

With this series, we want to hear how you connect with the natural world. Whether it be your backyard, the countryside, an apple you purchased this morning - any and everything that draws you to nature and aids or inspires you as a queer individual. Draw from your personal experiences and efforts to connect your physical being with your environment. Tell us how you have lived; how you live now; how you will survive.

The title for this series - Queer Pastoral - is a play on the pastoral genre of writing of the 19th century, wherein an over-romanticized, explicitly harmful Western form of storytelling emerged that wrongfully glorified the landscape these early settler-colonial writers encroached upon. Reworking the genre to tell BIPOC and LGBTQ2S+ stories instead is one small step toward reclaiming narratives that were violently erased or overlooked in Canada’s past.


Old Growth Press prioritizes work by BIPOC and 2SLGBTQ+ folks. If you identify as such, we encourage you to submit! We are looking for work in the form of poetry, prose, or art-focused comics that speaks to the experience of being a BIPOC and/or LGBTQ2S+ individual. We want you to draw from your own personal history, your connection to your environment, your community, yourself.

Prose can be in the form of fiction (short story, novella) or creative non-fiction (personal essay, experimental text, etc.). Poetry can be in any form. Art-based comics need to highlight art rather than text.

We accept work from individuals at any stage in their career. Currently we are only accepting submissions from folks located in Canada.

MANUSCRIPTS: Please submit completed manuscripts in PDF format. Maximum 24 pages (not including table of contents/acknowledgments). Include a cover letter with a brief introduction to your work and yourself.

PROPOSALS: Provide a short bio, examples of your work, and a proposal for your project (maximum 24 pages; see above).

Please send your work to with the subject heading SUBMISSION.

Submissions are open until September 12, 2019.

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